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Tamu style Cat Spring Toys (60 Pack), Playful Coils for Kittens, BPA Free Plastic for Swatting, Biting, Hunting, and Active Healthy Play, Colorful 2 Inch Spirals

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Product description
Product description
  • Promote Fun and Active Play – These super cute cat toy springs let kittens swat, chew, attack, and pounce which stimulates natural hunt behavior and relieves stress.
  • Bright, Colorful Spirals – Every set comes with 60 total cat spring toys including 20 blue, 20 yellow, and 20 red coils. Perfect for multiple cats or even a single feline.
  • Random Bounces and Twists – An interactive cat toy for enrichment our kitty spiral springs jump around randomly to keep them chasing, swatting, and running around.
  • High-Quality, Flexible Plastic – We use a BPA-free plastic that’s safer for cats and kittens. It’s lightweight, durable, and safe for chewing. Just replace as needed.
  • Promote Agility and Exercise – A great way to build strong bonds with your pet these cat coil springs keep them active which is good for lasing mental and physical health.


Give Your Cat an Interactive, Enrichment Cat Toy with Fun, Colorful Springs Designed Just for Them!

Just like us our cats need to be engaged and need physical activity for long-term health. That’s why we created these super fun and colorful Tamu Style Cat Spring Toys that bounce, roll, and twist around randomly as they swat, pounce, bite, and claw them all over the house. Fun, easy to use, and great for self-play or owner bonding, these BPA-free plastic toys make it easy to have fun with your feline while promoting long-term health and positive behaviors.

Product Details:

· Cat Spring Toys (60-Pack)

· 20 Red, 20 Yellow, 20 Blue

· BPA-Free, Animal Safe Plastic

· Gentle, Springy Action

· Promotes Active Play

· Size: 2” Long (Each)

· UPC: 713744599838